Importance of Drinking Water

Water is crucial to our body’s organs and cells in order to properly function.   After all our body is 60% water and 90% blood. 

Here are a few reasons why:

πŸ’§ keeps joints lubricated

πŸ’§ improves blood oxygen throughout the body

πŸ’§ boosts skin health

πŸ’§ keeps your brain functioning properly

πŸ’§ flushes waste out of the body

πŸ’§ regulates body temperature 

πŸ’§ helps create saliva

πŸ’§ protects spinal chord, tissues and joints

πŸ’§ helps with physical performance

πŸ’§ aids in digestion

πŸ’§ helps with nutrient absorption

πŸ’§ can help fight off certain illnesses such as; kidney stones, constipation, exercise induced asthma, urinary tract infection to name a few.

πŸ’§ boost energy

πŸ’§ improves cognitive function

πŸ’§ helps improve mood

πŸ’§ prevents dehydration

How many glasses of water should you consume on a daily basis?  The best way to tell is the color of your urine which should be almost clear. The guidelines are the following; 16 cups for Men and 12 cups for Women.

This does not apply of course to people who have a fluid restriction.

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