Group Classes

boot camp

There is no better way to get a full body workout than in a small group setting. Each class is a well-rounded workout that involves balance, core, strength training and fun.  Classes are designed for every fitness level, no experience required as we adjust to meet each individual’s needs.

Fitness Consultation

KTB Consult

If you have ever wondered whether your current exercise routine needs a tweak, this is the perfect service to check out. Medical history will be reviewed along with current exercise routine, assessment performed and a training session with many suggestions to meet your desired goals.

Personal Training

KTB Personal Training

Clients start with a customized wellness evaluation where we measure current abilities, goals and medical history.   Each training session includes private instruction to support you in meeting your wellness goals with a customized plan and measurement of your resting heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation.  We are focused on making your workout effective.

Ortho Massage


Massage and nutrition should play a role in reducing stress and strengthening your health. When you feel your best, you are more likely to be able to face the challenges life throws at you.   Massage is more than a luxury— it’s a vital part of self-care that has a positive ripple effect on us as we work, play, and care for others.

KTB Punch Card

The punch card is the ultimate in flexibility. It allows you to come and go based on what works best for your schedule. Whether you enjoy the treadmill, rower, bike, elliptical we develop a cardio workout plus resistance and stretching program that fits your goals. Each visit we measure your resting heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation to ensure your well-being.

Coaching Sessions

coaching session

Are you looking for accountability to help obtain that weight loss goal, healthier eating, consistency in your exercise program? Coaching sessions allow you the freedom to do things on your own but also be accountable to your coach.


Recept Hemp Oil

product v2

Have you had a Hempy start to your day?  If not, you need to try the broadest spectrum Hemp extract ever! It’s CBD + CBG.   This special Nano-Sonicated hemp extract offers the fastest acting (within seconds), longest lasting formula available today.  Please visit the following website for more information:



Have you had your 9-13 servings of fruits, berries and vegetables today? JuicePlus+ helps you bridge the gap to getting all your fruits, vegetables and berries. JuicePlus+ is concentrated whole food-based nutrition from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, berries and grains. Please visit the following website for more information: