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Activity & Falls

Activity & Falls

One of the greatest threats to older adults is losing their independence from falling.

Here are some astounding statistics:

  1. 1 in 4 over 65 falls each year

  2. That is equivalent to an older adult being treated in an

Emergency room every 11 seconds

  1. Every 19 minutes a death from a fall

  2. Injuries from falls in 2015 cost $50 billion & 75% of those cost were covered by Medicare/Medicaid

  3. Falls can decrease someone’s quality of life and make them fearful of falling again

  4. 9 of 10 older adults take prescription medications which many times can increase a persons fall risk

To keep an older adult able to perform ADLs (activities of daily living) recreational activities one must maintain muscular strength, aerobic capacity, and flexibility.

It is crucial to add balance and mobility exercises to your routine that will challenge sensory, motor and cognitive systems to help prevent falls.

Any workout routine should include some balance exercises. Some examples would be standing tandem, holding one foot up. You can change the surface, your base of support, performing multiple tasks at once, all of this can improve ones balance.

Our classes at Keep The Beat (which are now zoom) work on resistance, balance and flexibility. It is crucial to are overall well being.

Source ACSM Health & Fitness Journal


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