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Cold Weather & The Heart

Cold Weather & the Heart

With the cold weather approaching and so many of you have been walking outside, what do you do when the cold weather hits? Typically, it is recommended if the temperature is above 32 degrees it is okay to continue to walk outside (that includes wind), but your warm-ups need to do a longer. Follow the tips below.

Here is what happens to your heart ♥️/body when you hit the cold air.

When your body hits that cold air it causes:

  1. the blood vessels to constrict (get smaller)

  2. which will then cause your heart to work harder to try and maintain a healthy core body temperature.

  3. Blood pressure goes up

  4. It can cause Angina (chest pain)

What can you do when you know you will be outside?

  1. Dress in layers, cover your head & hands

  2. Wear something over your mouth & nose. It warms the air you are breathing in which lessens the demand on the heart.

  3. Do a longer warm up

  4. Limit your time in the cold

  5. Walk at a lower intensity & not as long

  6. Although you should discuss shoveling with your MD (especially if you have heart disease) I know many do not have a choice. So…

  7. If you have to shovel, use a smaller shovel to lessen the load. Shovel in shorter time increments. Take many breaks.

  8. Stay hydrated

  9. Please, by all means, listen to your body! If you have any discomfort, dizziness, or nausea, STOP & go to ER or talk to your MD.

Be safe please!


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