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Compression Socks

Now a days you can see many different people wearing compression socks. From athletes, to pilots, to nurses to people who have just had surgery, pregnant women, people who are on their feet for long periods of time. You may ask yourself why are so many people wearing these socks?

What do Compression socks actually do?

  1. Blood in your legs have to work against gravity to return the blood flow back to the heart. Any restriction to the flow is a problem. A circulation problem, (like weakness in the veins walls) lack of movement from an injury or recent surgery, all affect the return of blood to the heart.

  2. These issues cause the blood to pool in the legs causing swelling, discomfort, and leg fatigue.

Compression socks squeeze the leg tissues and walls of the veins, helping blood in the veins return to the heart. They can also improve the flow of the fluid(called lymph) that bathes the cells in the legs. Improving the flow of lymph can help reduce tissue swelling.

The stockings only help though if they are worn correctly, must not have wrinkles in them should be smooth and fit properly to be effective.

Prior to investing in socks please discuss with your physician. The type in which you buy in terms of the compression, the length and measuring are all important factors.

An interesting note:

A recent study from James Cook University in Australia which was published in Research in Sports Medicine, December 2018, looked at female soccer players. The players who wore the compression socks had less game-induced leg fatigue and therefore were considered performance enhancers.


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