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Emotions, Emotions

After a heart event an individual can go through so many emotional ups and downs. It doesn’t matter the gender or the age. Your life will forever be changed. You have to get use to a new normal. That new normal may not be such a bad thing. I have heard from many people that their heart event changed their life for the good. They feel better and are in the best shape of their life! That didn’t come easily though.

Fear is a big factor one has to work through. You may ask fear of what?

Fear of:

  1. having another heart event

  2. overexerting yourself

  3. overworking

  4. stress in general

The list is endless. The key is how you deal with those feeling/fears. One of the best places to start is Cardiac Rehab, not only does the staff work with you on your exercise but also on improving many lifestyle modifications, including discussing one’s emotions. If you let those fears take over you will remain stuck.

Another way to help overcome the fear besides Cardiac Rehab is continuing with an exercise program. Of course, I need to give Keep The Beat Wellness a plug here. We help take the fear out of exercising. The atmosphere is relaxed providing no pressure exercise programs. You start slowly and gradually build yourself up. Many supportive members are right there to help you.

If you know anyone that is stuck please send them our way!

Stuart Thilmany is the owner of Keep the Beat Wellness, a health and wellness studio specializing in personal and small group training for baby boomers, seniors and individuals with various medical conditions where exercise programs are tailored to the individual’s needs.


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