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My Breakfast Smoothie

Many of my clients see me consume my breakfast smoothie on a daily basis. I thought I would share with you what goes in my smoothie. I truly love having my smoothie because it’s easy to make, it holds me from getting hungry for many hours and it’s healthy. So, here we go:

🥤 Protein powder (I use a product I sell that is a pea protein)

🥤 Scoop of a mixture of chia, hemp and flax seed

🥤 Greens (spinach and / or kale)

🥤 Slice of fennel

🥤 Slice of whole Ginger

🥤 1 tsp of Ceylon Cinnamon

🥤 1 tsp of Turmeric

🥤 Fresh banana

🥤 Fresh pear

🥤 Frozen cherries & mixed berries

🥤 Coconut or Almond milk

🥤 POM (pomegranate juice)

Many of you know I take JuicePlus so I also put the JuicePlus capsules right in the mix. Blend it all in a good blender. ENJOY.

Stuart Thilmany is the owner of Keep the Beat Wellness, a health and wellness studio specializing in personal and small group training for baby boomers, seniors and individuals with various medical conditions where exercise programs are tailored to the individual’s needs.

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