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The Importance of Laughing Daily

The Importance of Laughing Daily

I recently read an article on Laughter by Dr. Frank Lipman who is an MD specializing in Functional Medicine. He actually has a podcast named Tune Into Wellness that is very good.

I think during these days of our pandemic we all forget to laugh and Laughing is so very good for us. When you laugh your body stimulates chemical changes in the brain that help protect against harmful effects of chronic stress. Laughter stimulates the release of endorphins, reduces inflammation, releases tension in the face, neck, shoulders & abdomen, gives the immune system a boost, decreases blood pressure and cortisol levels, and it even helps to stabilize blood sugar.

Even if you don’t find something as funny as someone else, you might just try smiling. Hang out with funny people you know to get you to laugh. Laughing is contagious so, many times all it takes is hearing someone else laugh and you will too.

Watch a funny show that you know will make you laugh, like an old I Love Lucy, Friends, or Fraser show. Just watch something that will make you laugh.

Whatever works for you, please just do it. You will see how much brighter your outlook will be. I think of the Mary Poppins song I Love To Laugh. Have a listen, click the link below.

Stay safe, healthy & have a good laugh.


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