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I owe you “BIG TIME” for my successes post-heart attack.  You run a one-of-a-kind operation.  You are outstanding in your chosen career, and your clients are all beneficiaries of your passion, zest, professional expertise, curiosity, and love for your work.  You make torture fun, and you instill the desire to keep coming back for more.  You are making a genuine difference in the lives of many, and I thank you.

Pat M., Deerfield

I didn’t want to have heart disease but, there I was at  59 with a triple bypass and the scar to prove it. I didn’t want to exercise either, but, I also didn’t have much choice according to my doctor. So, I figured that if I had to exercise my heart, I might as well find a wonderful place to do it where I was safe, cared for and surrounded by wonderful, lively people to help make the time go quickly.  Luckily for me I did find such a place, Keep the Beat Wellness of Northbrook. Three days a week I look forward to being part of a larger group of people, some like me, some not, but all of whom have one goal, to stay fit. Stuart Thilmany, owner, operator and rehab trainer is there for us 100%. If it were not for him, I’m not sure I would be as good as I am right now. The center is spotless and that is a big issue for anyone using a fitness place these days. I would recommend this for anyone who values good health and needs that little extra support. This place works great for me and I hope others will try it for themselves.


Marla C., Glenview

KTB Wellness is not just a place to go to for workouts. It is a lifestyle. You develop a camaraderie with others there, you care for others, talk, and the workout flies by. You also have Stuart, creating a knowledge base for a healthier lifestyle. In essence, you look forward to working out, as enjoyable, rather than a drudge of HAVING to work out. You WANT to work out. People care about other people here.
Proudly recommending,

Jack H., Morton Grove

Everything has been terrific. It is a small place and you get a lot of personal attention. They monitor blood pressure and heart rate, and they have cardiovascular equipment and resistance training. You can go as little as one time a week and up to five times a week. They are very reasonably priced, and I truly value their personalized attention. It is a very friendly place, and they are very accommodating. I have had great results, and it has helped me immeasurably. I couldn’t be happier with them, and will continue to go there.

S.S., Glencoe

I have never had any “heart problems” but when visiting the open house at The Keep The Beat Wellness facility with my husband, I fell in love with it.  I joined immediately and I go to the facility once or twice a week, at my convenience.  I look forward to my visits. Everyone is friendly. We’re one big family.  I get monitored as everyone else and enjoy my work outs – with supervision.

Joan C., Skokie

I tried many different places to work out and all of them were the same, I got lost in the shuffle, just another person on a piece of equipment.  A friend told me about Keep The Beat Wellness and boy what a difference.  My very first time I worked with Stuart to update and adjust my program and we work together to continue to adjust it.  I received attention every time I was exercising and I finally felt like someone actually cared about me.  I would recommend Keep The Beat Wellness to anyone who wants to get in shape, feel better and have fun while working out.

John R., Chicago

I was overweight and not sure where to start.  Being overweight I was not comfortable going to a bigger facility, a friend suggested I contact Stuart at Keep The Beat Wellness.  What a difference it made in my life between the help in making the appropriate lifestyle changes and the exercise recommendations I feel and look great.  Thank you Stuart.

Mary M., Northbrook

Far exceeded expectations!!! Professional efficient and thorough. Exceptional in monitoring and designing a program specific to my needs.

N.G., Highland Park

You are working hard to get us through the pandemic—something none of us ever envisioned. Thank you for the very extra effort to take your workout program virtual so we can all participate and stay in shape. You haven’t allow us to skip a beat, and all because you haven’t either.

I am profoundly grateful for the virtual workout sessions, and a choice of individualized challenge levels at that.

When you say in your message that you truly love what you do, believe me, you don’t have to tell us that——-it shows! With your skills, dedication, professional knowledge, extraordinary sense of humor, and passion for your work, you certainly share those qualities generously and make a positive difference in my quality of life. So Happy Birthday to KTB, but also to you. One of the best life decisions I’ve made was to join KTB family.


Pat M.

Happy Birthday KTB!!!  I’ve been coming almost 4 years and it’s been a wonderful experience for me getting to know Stuart and developing friendships with some great women (listening, laughing, sharing) and exercising as well!

Here’s to many more years of KTB!


Carol A.    Highwood

Happy 98th Birthday Larry
This Video was from
October 2019. Which was Larry's 98th birthday. We lost Larry March 2021.  He was still attending 2x/wk.  He will be greatly missed. Always came in with a smile and positive attitude.
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